Mak Mahmut Akay - Film Director


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The Mill

Elizabeth Newman
 / Emi Loefgren

The Visionaries

Corin West
/ Davide Cantelmo


M. Şafak Sezgin

Mak is a London-born film director drawn to telling authentic stories told within an idiosyncratic framework. He has a keen eye for capturing the nuances of the human experience, through entertaining and emotive films.


2024 • 1.4 Awards Longlist • Samsung x Raheem Sterling - 'Sterling Sells'

2023 • Vimeo Staff Pick • Samsung x Raheem Sterling - 'Sterling Sells'
2022 • Vimeo Staff Pick • 'We're Here'
2022 • David Reviews - 5-star • 'We're Here'
2022 • Izmir International Short Film Festival (Oscar-qualifying) - Best Documentary • 'We're Here'
2021 • Edmonton International Film Festival (Oscar-qualifying) — Best Documentary • 'Home'

2021 • Izmir International Short Film Festival (Oscar-qualifying) - Best Documentary • 'Home'

2020 • Aesthetica Short Film Festival (BAFTA-Qualifying) - Best Drama • 'Day One'
2020 • Sci-Fi London Film Festival - Finalist 48-hour competition • 'Day One'
2014 • MOFILM CES International Las Vegas - Best Advert • 'iRobot - So I Can Play'
2014 • MOFILM South Africa - Best Advert • 'Haagen Dazs - Treasure Hunt'
2012 • Barcelona World Congress Festival - Best Advert • 'AT&T - Wireless'
2011Aesthetica Short Film Festival (BAFTA-Qualifying) - Best Drama 'Lesson from a Stranger'
2009 • Vimeo Staff Pick • 'A View from the Bench'

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