Mahmut is a film director from London.

His appetite for storytelling grew during childhood, from creating comic books with glitter paint to renting VHS movies everyday to making films with friends, using toy spaceships and vacuum cleaners as props.

During his teens, it became apparent that his love for films wasn’t simply for entertainment purposes but a deep-seeded emotional need to grasp the human condition and patterns of living. He’s been making films ever since.

As a keen observer of life, his stories are often about ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. A common through-line in his work is the portrayal of psychological and societal commentary through heightened realism.

His graduation short film was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick and screened at film festival around the world. His commercial for the London Olympics Torch Relay 2012 was sent out to millions of people. Mahmut has directed films for clients ranging from David Beckham to Arla to Casio to London Olympics and more.